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Information to give to your real estate agent when looking for a condo

When it comes to buying any kind of a property, you will always need the help of a real estate agent. A real estate agent is the one who will help you find the perfect place according to your needs and preference. But in order to really help your real estate agent, you must give absolutely precise and correct information regarding your preference or liking. The following are some important pieces of information Condominiums for sale in Toronto GTA that you must tell your real estate agent about.


The first thing that you must inform your agent about is your budget. Be realistic and only give the bracket that you can easily and practically afford. It is always better to give the lower limit of your budget to the real estate agent since you end up paying more always. Based on the budget, the agent will show you the possible options.


Another thing that you must give your preference about to the real estate agent is the preferred location. This also helps the agent filter down the options and provide you only the suitable condo choices.

Size and amenities required

You must also tell your agent how many people will be staying in the condo with you. This will help the agent understand the size requirements of the condo that you are looking for. Also it is great if you can tell certain amenities that you would expect your condo to provide you. For example, a swimming pool, a gym and other such amenities are often necessary and preferred by most people.

Time frame within which you wish to get the condo

Some people are in a hurry to move into their new property while others have some time before they urgently need to move in. your real estate agent must know which of these two time frames are you comfortable with. You must tell him your requirement if you wish to get a condo immediately and also if you can wait.

A real estate agent is someone who works for you and helps you get the property of your dreams. If he isn’t clear on your specifications and requirements then how will he be able to serve you? This is why you must make a clear list of the requirements and present it to him to ease his job and also get you the property that you desire. There are many pre construction condos Toronto and one of the best companies which can help you get these is New Homes Condos. Contact them today and get a condo of your choice.